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Knee Wraps Edition 555 – 2.5m


Knee Wraps Edition 555 – 2.5m

  • 2.5m long
  • Non Velcro wrap
  • Super stiff
  • Tapered end for easy tuck through
  • Quality materials

Providing a cast like feel through the knee joint, giving superior support and extreme stored energy out of the hole.

Knee wraps are compression-type wraps that are designed to provide support and stability to the knee joints.

Knee wraps also help ease the tension and stress placed on the knees and quadricep muscles.

Knee wraps are made of similar elastic material used in wrist wraps but are much longer in material length (typically 2m or longer). Knee wraps have gained popularity as they tend to improve knee safety during heavy workouts such as squats or leg press movements.


The most common exercise you’ll see knee wraps being used for is during squats. You’ll often see powerlifters use knee wraps because they offer the ability to lift more weight.

How do knee wraps allow lifters to lift the heavier weight?

That’s one of the biggest questions people ask. The energy stored in the knee wraps is helpful during the eccentric phase of the squat, which acts as a propellant to move the lifter upwards and complete the move (rep). Other moves you might see knee wraps being used on include leg press, deadlift, and other squat variations.

Why use knee wraps? Aside from the above mentioned reasons people use knee wraps, they also allow more weight to be moved at a faster pace. Knee wraps are also useful in reducing the pressure and strain on tendons located in the quadriceps.

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Knee Wraps Edition 555 - 2.5m


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