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ATP Science Beta Alanine


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Beta-Alanine boasts the incredible ability to increase muscle carnosine better than carnosine itself! A humble amino acid that packs a tingling punch to the skin that beta-alanine is very well known. A great tool for metabolic processes incurred during exercise and may help to reduce the early onset of fatigue, especially in high-intensity training.

During high-intensity exercise, there is a greater reliance on ATP production from glucose resulting in an accumulation of acid, which leads to exercise-induced metabolic acidosis. This acidity has been implicated as the cause of muscular fatigue and decreased muscle contractile function. By buffering exercise-induced acidity, muscle carnosine may be of benefit, especially in events with prolonged bouts of high-intensity exercise.*


  • An intramuscular antioxidant
  • Intramuscular buffer for exercise-induced acidity
  • Aids in the regulation of calcium transients in sarcoplasm and the sensitivity of skeletal muscle contractile apparatus to calcium
  • Triggers neuromuscular junctions and can trigger contractions.
  • Protects against glycation. Glycation is a process whereby sugars attach to proteins and oxidise, causing damage to muscles, collagen, and connective tissue.


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ATP Science

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ATP Science Beta Alanine


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